we’re not the oldest, we’re not the biggest

we’re simply the best

Texas Lassos is a spirit group at the University of Texas at Austin. We strive to uphold our pillars of service, spirit, and social while maintaining excellence in our individual pursuits. There is no one type of Lasso, we are women from diverse backgrounds with diverse goals. What unites us? The pursuit of being the “best” version of ourselves we can be.

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empowered women, empower women

Social is a foundational pillar for Lassos because it encompasses the friendships we make both inside and outside of our organization. In Texas Lassos, members find a diverse sisterhood that both challenges and uplifts them. From study dates to mixers, Lassos offers something for everyone.


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the eyes of texas are upon you 

Because Lassos is so strongly tied to our collegiate community, we encourage support of activities on campus. Active members are often found cheering on our Big 12 sports teams and our Lassos’ intramural teams. We also love supporting fellow Lassos in their individual interests, by attending events like Bollywood dance competitions and Acapella performances.

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what starts here changes the world

As Lassos, we believe that changing the world begins at home in our community. A wide variety of opportunities are available every semester for active members to give back to both the city of Austin and our university. Weekends as a Lasso are often a time to participate in half- day service events such as the Austin Marathon. Weekdays can be filled with reoccurring service options such as weekly trips to the Austin Animal Center. In addition to this, Lassos work tirelessly with our philanthropy, the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas by raising awareness and fostering personal relationships.

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In the Fall of 1998, Susan Pina and Ester Mangistu sat over a cup of coffee and wondered what they could do to improve student life at the University of Texas. They wanted an organization for women that focused on community service as well as social and spirit activities. Other groups had been established for similar purposes but they, along with Kim Gentile and Alix Morrow wanted a space that also fostered sisterhood while focusing on personal betterment. That fall, they chose the name Texas Lassos and recruited the first pledge class which started it all.

Since 1998, Lassos has grown from fewer than 10 girls to around 150 active members and over 500 alumni. Even though Lassos continues to grow and change, the spirit that the founders put into Lassos lives on in our active members. Lassos will always be a place where young women from across campus can come together in friendship and to improve their lives. We’re not the oldest, we’re not the biggest: we’re simply the best.